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Health Research Showcased on National Seniors Day
September 29, 2017

October 1 has been declared as National Seniors Day in Canada. According to the Government of Canada, this day has been marked as an occasion for all Canadians to appreciate and celebrate seniors. Canadians are encouraged to connect with seniors and recognize them for the important role they play in our lives, our society and our economy.

In Saskatchewan, statistics show that more than 15 per cent of the population is over the age of 65 – and this proportion could double over the next 20 years.

While health is an important issue at any stage of life, it is especially acute for seniors as advancing age is often associated with increasing disability, chronic illness and other factors that can negatively affect quality of life.

It is for these reasons that innovative health research is so important – and so valuable. SHRF-funded researchers in Saskatchewan are already making breakthroughs in health research focused on seniors and aging health. A showcase of some of this research impact was released by SHRF in the April 2017 publication, Impacting Seniors’ Health: The Value of Aging-Related Research in Saskatchewan.

The report features impact stories and individual researcher profiles, while also highlighting the collaborative nature of aging-related health research that crosses a multitude of disciplines, institutions and communities.

As we celebrate National Seniors Day, SHRF invites you to read and share the stories of research advancements and impact that are creating a better quality of life for seniors today, and hope for improved health outcomes into the future. 

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