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Health Research At Work – A Look at Research and Innovation in Saskatchewan
June 27, 2016

When we talk about health research, the focus is typically on major discoveries, causes for disease, new health risks or improved medical practices. Researchers in Saskatchewan are indeed answering some of these questions and making an impact on local and global health.

Did you know that Saskatchewan is home to some of the most advanced research technologies in the world? Not to mention researchers that are developing vaccines for tuberculosis and sexually transmitted diseases, such as chlamydia, or tackling local health issues by working directly with Aboriginal, rural and remote, and farming communities.

Perhaps, then, it’s no surprise that the province which pioneered Medicare continues to lead in systems-wide thinking about how to improve the health of Canadians. Saskatchewan’s emphasis on quality, leadership and the patient are broadly integrated across the whole provincial health system. These key elements define how Saskatchewan approaches health research innovation and investments. In addition, the province’s post-secondary institutions, health regions and research centres are major innovation drivers, setting Saskatchewan up to be a powerhouse when combined with our strengths in agriculture and mining.

Underlying the provincial health research and innovation system is the Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation (SHRF). SHRF is the provincial agency responsible for funding, facilitating and promoting innovative, collaborative health research in Saskatchewan. This funding at the provincial level has not only played a key role in attracting and retaining top researchers, but has made Saskatchewan a place where we continue to push the boundaries in health research.

Through this blog, our new website, social media and our publications, such as Research for Health magazine, we strive to share the stories of health research that have an impact on lives of Saskatchewan people and we will feature the researchers, partners, institutions and supporters who are helping build a vibrant culture of health research and innovation for a stronger Saskatchewan.

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