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Social Determinants of Health Among Migrant Workers in Saskatchewan
Principal Investigator
Dr. Michael Schwandt
Community Health and Epidemiology
University of Saskatchewan
Co-Principal Investigator(s)
Dr. Lori Hanson
Sean Tucker
Andrew Stevens
Leslie Rea
2015-2016 Collaborative Innovation Development
One year
Throughout North America, migrant workers have been found to be particularly vulnerable to factors affecting health such as poor housing conditions, unsafe working conditions and reduced access to health services. This is a growing concern in Saskatchewan, where immigration is increasing dramatically. In spite of various legislation and regulations setting standards in these areas, migrant workers continue to be a vulnerable group of workers. To date there has been little research on factors associated with the health and safety of migrant workers in Saskatchewan.Our study will begin to address this gap in knowledge, informing the development of further research and policy pertaining to this population. Working with agencies that support newcomers to Canada, our novel research will study living and working conditions and access to health services among migrant workers in Saskatchewan, while examining some of the applications of major policies regulating these factors. This study represents the first research of its kind in Saskatchewan, offering an opportunity to provide information to decision-makers, and to support the enactment and refinement of policies and programs that benefit the health of migrant workers in the province. Following this study, we propose to utilize potential funding from the CIHR-SSHRC Healthy and Productive Work initiative and the Saskatchewan Workers Compensation Board to scale up our research, beginning with a comparative policy study and a robust quantitative study of migrant workers' health.
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