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Peer Review

Peer Review

Health research funding grant and award recipients are chosen according to SHRF’s rigorous peer review process.

Committees of active researchers and health professionals use a rating scale of excellence to assess research proposals, answering the following questions:

  • Is it relevant and original?
  • Is it feasible and ethical?
  • Does it adhere to the objectives and priorities of the funding program?
  • Does the researcher or team have the expertise and support to conduct the research?

Peer review for programs where SHRF is matching or partnering with other funding agencies may be done by the other agency, but SHRF requirements will still be met.

SHRF’s 10 Step Selection Process:

  1. SHRF invites reviewers to serve on committees
  2. Applicants submit applications to SHRF
  3. SHRF staff screen applications for completeness and eligibility
  4. Review committee chair, with SHRF staff, assigns applications to reviewers
  5. Reviewers prepare in-depth assessments based on program criteria and excellence
  6. Committee meets to discuss, rate and rank all applications
  7. Committee recommends meritorious applications for funding
  8. SHRF Board reviews and approves the committee’s recommendations
  9. SHRF offers grants and awards to as many recommended applicants as resources permit
  10. SHRF staff ensures all conditions are met before authorizing payments to researchers’ home institution

Our volunteer reviewers are not only instrumental in evaluating proposals and providing feedback to applicants; they also provide valuable insight to SHRF about procedures, programs, practices and trends in the health research community.

Peer reviewers from the previous year can be found in SHRF’s Annual Report. View Annual Reports.

If you have interest in becoming a peer reviewer please contact Karen Tilsley, Director of Funding Programs.



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