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Research Chair to Improve Stroke Care from Bench to Bedside
June 13, 2017

Heart & Stroke, SHRF, U of S announce extraordinary $1.5 million funding renewal to Saskatchewan Research Chair in Clinical Stroke Research, Dr. Michael Kelly 

The Heart and Stroke Foundation, the Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation (SHRF), and the University of Saskatchewan, College of Medicine are pleased to announce a renewed funding commitment of $1.5 million over five years to Saskatchewan Clinical Stroke Research Chair, Dr. Michael Kelly. Heart & Stroke, SHRF, and the University of Saskatchewan, College of Medicine will each provide $500,000 in funding from November 2017 to October 2022. This is an extraordinary commitment for these funding organizations, demonstrating tremendous confidence in Dr. Kelly’s ability to continue leading the revolution of stroke care in Saskatchewan.

Dr. Kelly has held the Saskatchewan Research Chair in Clinical Stroke Research position since 2012. In this role, he is responsible for contributing to local, national, and international improvements in stroke treatment interventions and patient care, and receives funding from Heart & Stroke and SHRF.

“People in communities across Saskatchewan will benefit from better access to high-quality health care,” Health Minister Jim Reiter says.  “Through Dr. Kelly’s leadership, health care teams are now working together to identify, evaluate and treat patients as quickly as possible, no matter where they live in the province.”

“Since its inception, Heart & Stroke has invested more than $1.45 billion in vital heart disease and stroke research. Our investments have resulted in discoveries that have had a significant impact on health care around the world,” says Yves Savoie, CEO, Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada. “In his first five years, Dr. Kelly and his team worked closely with health system partners to develop the Acute Stroke Pathway following Heart & Stroke best practices. As a result, patients showing signs of stroke now have rapid access to high-quality care in the critical first few hours.”

“Dr. Kelly has also contributed to a global solution for patients suffering an acute ischemic stroke,” says Savoie of Dr. Kelly’s work leading a research team in the ESCAPE stroke trial, which received financial support from Heart & Stroke. “Dr. Kelly’s expertise in endovascular treatment has led to a ground-breaking clot retrieval procedure for acute ischemic stroke that is cutting the death-rate in half and seeing more of these patients return home.”

“Dr. Kelly is providing world-class care to patients and is shaping the future of stroke care through his research program,” says Patrick Odnokon, Interim CEO of SHRF. “This is great news for Saskatchewan stroke patients and their families. We are proud to extend this five-year funding partnership, showing how SHRF’s collaborative investments in health research are making a difference on the health of Saskatchewan citizens.”

“Dr. Kelly is a natural leader in stroke,” says­ Dr. Preston Smith, Dean of the University of Saskatchewan’s College of Medicine where Dr. Kelly oversees a robust basic science and clinical research program. “He manages collaborative research teams, provides training to others, publishes research findings, and attracts research funding to the province. As health is one of the University of Saskatchewan’s strategic priorities, basic and clinical stroke research is one of the areas deserving special investment and growth.”

Dr. Kelly plans to build on the success of the basic science and clinical research program at the University, and focus his provincial and national leadership efforts in stroke treatment interventions and patient care.

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