SHRF offers a suite of funding programs aimed at stimulating and developing health research activity and capacity in Saskatchewan, and working to fulfill our vision of "Building a healthy Saskatchewan through health research". SHRF encourages and supports a broad range of human health research, including basic biomedical science, clinical research, health services and system research, and research into the cultural, social and environmental determinants of population health.

Our funding programs fall into two categories: SHRF Programs and Partnership Programs. We are the sole administrator of SHRF Programs, while Partnership Programs are collaborations with other funding agencies and organizations and may be administered by SHRF or our funding partners.

SHRF programs are aligned with the provincial Health Research Strategy. Accordingly, funds in all our programs (50% in some programs and 100% in others – see program description) are protected for research in priority areas. 

  • Health needs of specific populations, with emphasis on Aboriginal people and 

  • Health systems and policy research, with emphasis on: health human resources; 
    quality improvement; health service delivery in primary care and mental health; 
    and rural and remote health service delivery; 

  • Determinants of health status, including early childhood development and the 
    prevention and underlying causes of chronic and lifestyle-related disease 
    (particularly diabetes, obesity and smoking); 

  • Public health including infectious disease, water safety, and food safety; and 

  • Synchrotron-based health research.

SHRF programs evolve as the research environment in Saskatchewan changes. We welcome suggestions from researchers and administrators that might help us improve our programs.

Please see the Awards Guide 2014: Funding Application and Management Guide for important information about SHRF policies and processes. Please refer to specific program pages for important information, including eligibility, dates, allowable expenses, and criteria used for peer review. 

All applicants to SHRF funding programs are required to prepare a Canadian Common CV (CCV). SHRF uses information from the CCV in the peer review process. In addition, the information populates the Directory of Researchers, an online source of research expertise in Canada which will be available in 2014.

If you have questions about our funding programs, please contact Karen Glazebrook, Director of Funding Programs.



  • Starting in 2014, applicants will use the SHRF RMS for all applications.

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